Welded Hubs

Industries: Automation & Control, Defense Industry - Watertight Enclosures & Watertight Junction Boxes, Maritime, Navy, Oil & Gas, Tunnels & Underground


  • Type 316 Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Welded in place
  • Multiple Sizes available
  • Custom Sizes available

One of SLAYSON’s most widely used modifications is the Welded In Place Hub. These Hubs come in a variety of materials to suit all of our Standard product ranges. SLAYSON Welded In Place Hubs are used for making watertight connections into our enclosures for all your cable and accessory needs.

The engineering team at SLAYSON can assist customers with locating and designing solutions to meet your exact requirements. SLAYSON can provide Engineering Drawing’s and CAD models to customers, ensuring easy on-site installation of your enclosures. With a range of standard sizes available, Hubs can be easily specified and added to standard enclosures. If our standard sizes do not meet your needs or you require a custom size our solution, SLAYSON can assist with any specific requirements.

Require Welded in Place Threaded Hubs in your enclosures? Our engineering team is here to support you with any modifications and help design your ideal enclosure solution.

Part Number A: Hub Size: Inches L: Hub Length: Inches B: Threads Per Inch Thread Type Material
HWI-1-2 0.5 1.57 14 NPSM Stainless Steel
HWI-3-4 0.75 1.63 14 NPSM Stainless Steel
HWI-1-0 1.0 2.00 11.5 NPSM Stainless Steel
HWI-1-1-4 1.25 2.06 11.5 NPSM Stainless Steel
HWI-1-1-2 1.5 2.09 11.5 NPSM Stainless Steel
HWI-2-0 2.0 2.16 11.5 NPSM Stainless Steel

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