While they are relevant across many applications and industries, it’s crucial to first understand the key features that make SLAYSON®‘s Submersible Pull Box Enclosures stand out. These enclosures adhere to NEMA Type 6P standards, ensuring high protection against environmental factors.

With an IP68 rating according to IEC 60529, these enclosures are dust-tight and capable of withstanding continuous immersion in water up to 15 feet or 5 meters. This level of resilience is vital for installations in demanding environments, where exposure to moisture and other harsh conditions is a constant challenge.

When do Submersible Pull Box Enclosures excel?

These enclosures serve as secure spaces for pulling and splicing conductors, safeguarding them from environmental factors that could compromise their integrity. Industries such as telecommunications, where the reliability of connections is paramount, benefit from the protection offered by submersible pull box enclosures.

Some other popular use cases for these enclosures include:

  • Protection of conductors in threaded rigid conduit
    In applications where threaded rigid conduits are utilised, these enclosures provide an additional layer of protection. For instance, in industrial settings where electrical systems are exposed to moisture or corrosive substances, submersible pull box enclosures ensure the installed conduits’ longevity and reliability.
  • Interconnection for lengths of conduit
    The ability to interconnect conduit lengths is a common requirement in large-scale electrical installations. Submersible pull box enclosures facilitate this seamlessly, offering a secure and protective environment for interconnecting conduit lengths. This is particularly crucial in infrastructure projects such as transportation systems and utilities.
  • Changing conduit direction
    Electrical systems often require changes in conduit direction to navigate complex layouts. Submersible pull box enclosures accommodate these changes while maintaining the integrity of the conduits. Industries such as construction and building services benefit from the flexibility and durability of these enclosures in adapting to varied conduit layouts.
  • Providing access for maintenance and system changes
    Maintenance and system changes are inevitable in any industry. Their hinged lids and optional accessories like internal swing-out panels and submersible pull box enclosures make accessing and modifying the system convenient. This is particularly valuable in sectors such as energy, where routine maintenance is critical for uninterrupted operations.

Meeting industry standards and specifications

SLAYSON®‘s Submersible Pull Box Enclosures meet and exceed industry standards. With a NEMA Type 6P rating, these enclosures provide robust protection against dust, water, and environmental hazards. The IP67 and IP68 ratings, according to IEC 60529, ensure that the enclosures are sealed against the ingress of solids and liquids. The IK10 impact resistance makes them suitable for installations in areas prone to physical impact.

The enclosures are designed to be submersible up to 15 feet or 5 meters, as per IEC 60529 specifications. To guarantee longevity, they undergo a corrosion-resistant salt spray test (ASTM B117). The use of Stainless Steel Type 316 for fasteners and hardware enhances corrosion resistance, making these enclosures ideal for installations in coastal areas or environments with corrosive elements.

Customise your enclosure with SLAYSON® today

SLAYSON® provides a range of optional accessories that enhance the functionality and adaptability of their Submersible Pull Box Enclosures. These include internal mount/back plates, hinged lids, optical window lids, padlock tabs, captive lid fasteners, and internal swing-out panels. The availability of these accessories allows users to customise the enclosures based on specific requirements, ensuring a tailored solution for diverse applications.

What types of materials and finishes are available?

Constructed from 14-gauge, 2.00mm Stainless Steel Type 316, SLAYSON®‘s Submersible Pull Box Enclosures boast durability and resilience. The #4 surface finish on the stainless steel provides an aesthetic appeal and enhances corrosion resistance. This commitment to quality materials and finishes ensures that the enclosures can withstand the rigours of diverse environments, making them suitable for various applications.

Make the right choice for your electrical systems today with SLAYSON®

Understanding the applications, features, and industry standards of submersible pull box enclosures is crucial for making informed decisions in electrical installations.

SLAYSON®‘s LSM SERIES, with its NEMA 6P rating, IP68 certification, and optional accessories, emerges as a reliable choice for industries where protection, durability, and adaptability are paramount. Whether it’s telecommunications, industrial facilities, construction projects, or energy installations, the versatility of these enclosures makes them a valuable asset in ensuring the longevity and reliability of electrical systems in challenging environments. Find out more about SLAYSON® and the wide product range today.