Modified Off-The-Shelf (MOTS)

Modify SLAYSON® Standard Products to Your Specifications

SLAYSON® is a leading Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) manufacturer of NEMA 6P and IP68 stainless steel, aluminum, and polyurethane submersible enclosures in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

However, we understand that sometimes ready-made solutions may not be the best fit for what you need. So, we offer fast turnaround modification of our COTS enclosure range on request. We modify our standard enclosures, boxes, and panels to best suit your exact specifications and create a (MOTS) Modified off-the-Shelf solution that is project-specific.

These modified COTS enclosures, or MOTS, are a quick and efficient alternative to the lengthy process of designing, engineering, and testing a custom enclosure. As a MOTS enclosure is a modification of an already tested and approved COTS, your modified enclosure will have the same ratings and certification as the standard COTS enclosure.

Our products are designed to be easy to work with. They come in a selection of materials and sizes and with a wide range of accessories. Our fast modification service means we can deliver the exact configuration you need quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime.

Why You Can Trust SLAYSON® for Your MOTS 6P / IP68 Enclosures

All SLAYSON® products are engineered in local facilities and tested for dust and liquid ingress, thermal cycling, salt spray corrosion, shock, and vibration resistance, EMC/EMP/RFI immunity, and many other standards. This ensures complete protection of your electrical hardware and control equipment.

Our team of highly experienced engineers will help you through the modification process. We will make sure your MOTS enclosure meets your precise specifications for its application and environment.

Three Accessories

Tailored Accessories Offer Seamless Integration

We offer a wide range of standard accessories that can be integrated seamlessly into any of our enclosures. This makes it straightforward for us to engineer a modified enclosure that fits your unique engineering requirements precisely.


Here are some of our commonly used standard accessories to choose from:

  • Internal Mount Plate
  • Hinged Lid / Door
  • Optical Window Lid / Door
  • Security Lock Tab
  • Captive Lid Fasteners
  • Internal Swing Out Panel
  • Shock & Vibration Isolation Mount Kits
  • 360° EMC / EMP Shielding Gasket
  • External Grounding Stud
  • Flurosilicone (FVMQ) Gasket resistant to Fuels & Oils
  • Heavy Duty Lifting Eye Hooks
  • Raised Floor Mounting Plinths
  • Heavy Duty Gusset mount tabs
  • Lid / Door Stay
  • Shielded Access Door (IP66)
  • Pull Handle
  • Document Pocket
  • Welded In-Place Hubs
  • Cable Glands / Cord grips
  • Integrated Thermal Heatsink
  • CARC Paint System (MIL-DTL-64159)

SLAYSON® Fast and Comprehensive Modification Process

  • Consultation

    Our engineering team works with you to understand your project needs, by assessing both the application and environmental factors. This initial consultation identifies the additional accessories needed for your modified enclosure.

  • Select and markup accessories

    We provide a simple markup template for standard accessories. This user-friendly tool lets you quickly and easily indicate the location and quantity of the accessories needed for your project.

  • Engineering review and consultation

    Our experienced engineers will review the accessories you need and assess the feasibility of the modifications. If necessary, they will consult with you about any potential adjustments to make sure your modified enclosure meets the exact required specifications.

  • Adjustments

    Additional modifications can be made before the design is finalized. We will continue to work closely with you to make sure the modified enclosure meets your exact requirements.

  • Approval and manufacturing

    Once you approve the final design, we manufacture your modified enclosure right away. Our streamlined process will ensure quick turnaround and delivery to your site.

Order Your MOTS Enclosure Today

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We’ll discuss your requirements, give you the information you need, and work with you to engineer the right solution. At SLAYSON®, we turn standard into exceptional.

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