SLAYSON® is the leading global manufacturer of NEMA 6P and IP68 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, and Polyurethane submersible enclosures. We specialize in NEMA 6P and IP68 enclosures that protect electronic controls and mission-critical systems for the industrial, commercial, infrastructure, and defense sectors.

The world’s environmental conditions are changing, and so too are the expectations around protecting electronic controls and mission-critical systems. SLAYSON® specializes in engineering robust and proven NEMA 6P and IP68 off-the-shelf enclosures to protect vital equipment from water and dust ingress.

Sometimes a standard COTS SLAYSON® enclosure with accessories doesn’t meet your specifications, or the requirements set out by your project. In this case, modify one of our enclosures quickly and easily to make it a MOTS (Modified Off the Shelf) enclosure that is specific to your project and meets all your specification requirements.

Start by selecting your enclosure and accessories from our extensive range, then contact us with your project-specific requirements. Modifications include dimensional instructions on where to add cutouts for Cable Glands or Welded-in-place Hubs, or the modification of Internal Mount Plates with through holes or standoffs.

With local facilities, we offer fast turnaround modifications to all our enclosures, boxes, and panels, to your exact specifications.

SLAYSON® modified enclosures are designed for seamless installation to reduce time and effort, and the enclosures and accessories in our extensive range come in a wide variety of materials and sizes.

Our fast quotation and modification service means we deliver the exact configuration you need quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime.

Industry-leading SLAYSON® Submersible Enclosures 

All SLAYSON® enclosures are engineered in local facilities and tested for dust and liquid ingress, thermal cycling, salt spray corrosion, shock, and vibration resistance, EMC/EMP/RFI immunity, and many other standards. This ensures complete protection of electronic controls and mission-critical systems.

Using an off-the-shelf enclosure from our wide range, our team of highly experienced engineers will manufacture a MOTS submersible enclosure that meets the precise specifications for its application and environment.

We offer an extensive range of quality engineered accessories that integrate seamlessly into any of our enclosures. This makes it straightforward for us to engineer a modified enclosure that fits your project-specific requirements precisely.

Three Accessories

SLAYSON® Fast and Comprehensive Modification Process

  • Select your COTS enclosure

    Select your pre-configured, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) SLAYSON® NEMA 6P and IP68 enclosure. Datasheets and specifications are available here.

  • Identify accessories

    Select from our wide range of accessories to make your submersible enclosure specific to your project. We provide a markup template that lets you quickly and easily indicate the location and quantity of the accessories needed for your project.

  • Specify modifications

    Using your selected COTS enclosure, specify any modifications you require.

  • Engineering Review

    Our qualified and experienced engineers will review your required modifications. If necessary, they will come back to you about any potential adjustments to make sure your modified enclosure meets your exact specifications.

  • Approval and manufacturing

    Once you approve the final design based on our engineering drawings and CAD models, we will manufacture your modified enclosure. Our streamlined process ensures quick

Modify Your Submersible Enclosure – thousands of combinations available 

View our full range of enclosures and accessories, or contact us directly for a quote or engineering support. Our experienced team will assist you with quotes, datasheets, drawings, and CAD models to ensure you have all the exact information you need.

SLAYSON® – Engineered to protect.