Modified Off The Shelf (MOTS)

SLAYSON makes it easy to modify any of our standard enclosures to suit your exact needs. Utilizing our standard accessories, customers can add functionality to meet exact project specific requirements

Modification Of Standard Products

SLAYSON can offer quick modification services upon request, on all of our standard NEMA6P / IP68 Enclosures and Cabinets. Our experienced sales and design engineers assist clients in selecting the correct enclosure and modifications to best suit your application and environment.

With a large range of standard accesory options available, SLAYSON makes it simple to engineer an enclosure solution, which is suited to your exact requirements

Off The Shelf Modifications:

SLAYSON has a large range of Standard Accessories that can be used on any of our enclosures. See below for a list of common standard accessories. For more accessories please follow the link below


Common Accessories

  • Hinged Lids
  • Welded in Place Threaded Bosses
  • Internal Back Plates
  • Internal Swing Out Panels
  • IP68 Cord Grips / Cable Glands
  • Clear Optical Viewing Windows
  • Flurosilicone (FVMQ) Gaskets for IP69K Rating
  • Door Open Hold Stays
  • EMC / EMI / RFI Dual Gasket Technology
  • Custom Finishes

Modification Process

  • Our sales team will consult with you on your project application and environment and assist with determining any standard accessories that you may require

  • For standard accesories we offer a mark up template which you can identify the location and quantity of your accesories
  • Our engineers will review your modifications for feasability and consult with customers in regards to any changes that may be required
  • Any additional changes can be made before the final design is signed off
  • Once approved we will manufacture your enclosure and deliver to your site

Require a Modified Off The Shelf (MOTS) Enclosure or more information on available accessories?

Please do hesitate to contact our sales engineers to discuss your requirements

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