Modified Off The Shelf or Customized to meet exact specifications

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SLAYSON works directly with its customers to engineer the right solution for the Application and Environment.

Modified Off The Shelf (MOTS) solutions or design engineered Custom Enclosures to ensure the best protection against unwanted ingress.

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American Made Enclosures


SLAYSON NEMA 6P & IP68 Submersible Enclosures are manufactured from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel, Aerospace Grade Aluminium or Engineered Polyurethane Composite to reduce and prevent corrosion, whilst protecting your vital electrical equipment against ingress, EMI/RFI interferance in the most extreme environments.

SLAYSON's is the Enclosure of choice by ALL industry leaders from Defense to Infrastructure.



Commercial, Infrastructure, Military & Navy

SLAYSON Enclosures has you protected.

Slayson understands your industry needs

SLAYSON works with different industries around the world: Automation & Control, Maritime, Oil and Gas and Infrastructure. Working in collaboration we understand our customers true needs and coupled with our extensive industry experience we engineer, manufacture and assemble using the latest technology to deliver project specific Submersible Enclosures.

SLAYSON also has a long proven history in supporting the Defense industry to design and manufacture the worlds most advanced Enclosure systems currently used on all our Military and Naval platforms.

​With a long history of providing its partners with both standard and custom design solutions, SLAYSON has been able to continually meet and exceed customer expectations and set industry standards.


Slayson's 24/7 support

At SLAYSON, we look after you just like we would your equipment; with the upmost of care and expertise. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.