It is important to protect electrical equipment against water and dust ingress. Check out this blog post to discover all you need to know.

The importance of protecting the longevity and effectiveness of your electrical equipment cannot be ignored. If you do not put measures in place to protect your electrical equipment against the likes of dust ingress and water, the lifespan of your equipment can reduce quite considerably. With that being said, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about NEMA 6P enclosures and the benefits they offer.

What are NEMA 6P enclosures?

There is only one place to begin, and this is by explaining what NEMA 6P enclosures are. NEMA 6P rated boxes and enclosures provide the ultimate protection for watertight or submersible applications. Meeting the NEMA 6P rating makes sure that the enclosure is going to safeguard sensitive equipment in difficult environments, for example, full submersion for a prolonged time period and washdowns.

Understanding the different NEMA ratings

There are lots of different NEMA ratings, all of the way from 1 to 12. NEMA rating 6 means that the enclosure is suitable for outdoor or indoor use. It will protect against the ingress of hose directed water, falling dirt, fingers, and objects, and it won’t be damaged by ice formation. NEMA 6 enclosures are also able to protect against occasional temporary submersion to a limited depth.

You can also purchase NEMA 6P enclosures, which are the same as NEMA 6, yet you have the protection of prolonged submersion to a limited depth, as well as corrosion protection.

What are the benefits of NEMA enclosures?

There are a number of benefits that are associated with NEMA enclosures, including the following:

  • Safety – A NEMA 6P enclosure offers safety in many ways. Not only does it protect against environmental damage and hazardous materials, but the level of quality of the enclosure is high too, ensuring NEMA standards are met and long service life is ensured.
  • Durability – The waterproof protective seal on the NEMA 6P enclosure will ensure that it lasts for a longer lifespan when compared with enclosures that do not have an effective protective seal. The elements, especially water-related particle contaminants and moisture, can cause severe damage to delicate industrial or electrical parts. NEMA specifically requires enclosures to meet standards for protection and safety against these hazards. Stainless Steel enclosures have high impact resistance which is particularly relevant in flood zones where debris in the flood water often comes into contact with the enclosure. Unlike Polycarbonate alternatives Stainless Steel enclosures will not crack under impact.
  • Sealing against contaminates – One of the main reasons to choose a NEMA 6P enclosure is that they have been built, tested, and proven to be impervious to contaminants and waterproof. This is excellent for any indoor or outdoor environment that could be impacted by heavy moisture or the weather. Protection against other contaminants like gases, oils, and muds is also offered by NEMA 6P enclosures.

Final words on NEMA 6P enclosures

As you can see, there are a lot of different benefits to gain by making the most of NEMA 6P enclosures for your electrical equipment. NEMA 6P is the highest standard for protection that can be offered. This is a great way to protect your electrical equipment against the likes of impacts, dust and water ingress