In a range of industrial cases, underground environments can be prone to flooding and high humidity. For this reason, they require reliable solutions to protect vital equipment against harsh elements, electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio-frequency interference (RFI), as well as shock and vibration.

One of the key challenges in underground environments is the constant threat of water and dust ingress. SLAYSON’s NEMA 6P/IP68 enclosures provide an exceptional level of protection against these elements. The enclosures are designed to withstand submersion in water, making them ideal for areas prone to flooding. Additionally, their ability to prevent dust infiltration ensures that internal components remain operational even in dusty underground environments. Read on to learn more about our waterproof underground junction box options.

The many use cases of a watertight underground junction box

Underground waterproof junction boxes are specifically designed to provide electrical connections and protect wiring connections from moisture, water ingress, and environmental elements. These boxes are ideal for various applications where electrical components must be installed underground or in damp environments.

The most popular applications for underground waterproof junction boxes include:

  • Outdoor Lighting Systems: Underground waterproof junction boxes are used to connect wires for outdoor lighting installations in gardens, parks, pathways, and other outdoor spaces. These boxes protect the electrical connections from rain, sprinklers, and other outdoor elements.
  • Irrigation Systems: In agricultural and landscaping applications, underground waterproof junction boxes are used to house connections for irrigation systems. They ensure that the wiring for sprinklers and irrigation pumps remains dry and functional, even when buried underground.
  • Street Lighting: Junction boxes are employed in street lighting systems where wiring needs to be protected from moisture and water. These boxes are often buried beneath the ground near lamp posts to facilitate electrical connections for street lights.
  • Outdoor Electrical Outlets: When electrical outlets need to be installed in outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, or decks, watertight underground junction boxes protect the wiring connections from rain and other weather conditions.
  • Pond and Fountain Installations: Waterproof junction boxes are utilised in pond and fountain installations to house electrical connections for water pumps, lights, and other equipment. These boxes prevent water from entering the wiring connections, ensuring safety and functionality.
  • Underground Wiring: Landscaping projects often involve burying electrical wires for various purposes, such as powering garden features, pathways, or outdoor sound systems. Waterproof junction boxes are used to create secure connections for these buried wires.
  • Outdoor Security Systems: Waterproof junction boxes are employed in outdoor security camera installations and other surveillance systems. These boxes protect the wiring connections of cameras, sensors, and other security devices from moisture, ensuring their continuous operation.
  • Railway and Underground Transportation Systems: In railway and underground transportation systems, electrical connections for signalling systems, lights, and other equipment are often located in subsurface environments. Waterproof junction boxes protect these connections from water ingress, ensuring the safety and functionality of the transportation systems.
  • Industrial Applications: Various industrial applications, especially those located in outdoor or damp environments, use underground waterproof junction boxes. These applications include manufacturing plants, warehouses, and industrial equipment installations where electrical connections need protection from moisture and environmental factors.

Shielding against EMI/RFI, shock, and vibration

Besides guarding against environmental factors, SLAYSON enclosures are engineered to protect against electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication and data transmission. These enclosures absorb shocks and vibrations, which are crucial for maintaining the integrity of sensitive electronic equipment.

SLAYSON boasts an extensive range of NEMA 6P/IP68 enclosures, including Junction Boxes and wall and floor-mounted Submersible Series Enclosures. We have a solution for every specific requirement, and all enclosures can be easily modified to meet unique needs, providing flexibility and customisation options to cater to diverse applications.

Tailored to suits your requirements

The SLAYSON standard range caters to a wide array of needs, but every option is accounted for as we offer engineering support for the design and manufacture of custom enclosures. This bespoke service ensures everyone receives watertight underground junction box enclosures precisely tailored to their specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit for their unique equipment and applications.

Find the right options with SLAYSON today

In various applications, underground waterproof junction boxes play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, longevity, and functionality of electrical connections, even in challenging environmental conditions. See the full range of SLAYSON’s enclosures today.